Harness the power of video with a free fundraising tool

Video is the most consumed digital content. 64% of supporters are more likely to act after watching a video.

You are already creating videos for your campaign. Those videos are a powerful tool to help the public understand your cause and messaging. And as you know, your campaign videos require a great deal of time, money and effort to make. But what if your videos themselves actually converted viewers into donors?

You can now accept donations with one-click inside of any of your campaign videos. Upload a video or broadcast live, then share on social media, texts or emails. Anyone watching can click on the “donate” button and donate to your campaign– without ever leaving the video.

Want to sell more swag? Upload your products into the system and pair them with any video. Anyone can click the pink button and purchase your item without ever leaving the video.

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Key benefits of our technology:

  • Viewers donate directly in-video
  • Donations are credited directly to the campaign
  • Donation transparency, with full records belonging to the campaign itself and available for auditing
  • Federal legal requirements and disclaimers are collected
  • Campaigns can run indefinitely as they continue to convert your audience into donors
  • Empower your surrogates to develop their own content, so their audiences can directly donate to your campaign

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Share anywhere. Audience = Donors.

  • Your videos can garner donations anywhere they are shared.
  • You can share on Facebook, text it to friends, or send a tweet out. Everyone can donate in the video.

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