Shareable, Shoppable Video with Direct Attribution

Video Squirrel gives your video content a direct path to purchase at the point of discovery. No redirects, no links, no clunky checkout process.

We proudly partner with the best brands

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Pair your video with our native checkout

Upload your products through Video Squirrel, pair them with your video content, then share or embed them on literally any digital platform. Learn more about how Video Squirrel drives direct attribution with an in-video point of sale.

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Share anywhere, sell anywhere

Social media, text, email, and beyond. A quarter of online sales are lost due to too many clicks to checkout. Video Squirrel drastically ups sales lift by converting the point of discovery into the point of sale— everywhere your videos are consumed.

Brands can work with influencers and content creators

Collaborate with influencers to reach new, engaged consumers. Enable them to share your shoppable video across channels, and encourage them to create their own. Learn more about how to gain clear influencer ROI.