Inspire and convert. Your digital style content is now a direct path to sales.

See how Video Squirrel drives sales for the future of digital fashion content.

It’s no fashion secret that social marketing drives awareness and sales.

According to Rakuten, 39% of online social audiences follow fashion and style influencers or content. 48% of females online follow fashion influencers, according to an August 2018 Globalwebindex survey.

Fashion and Style are a major eCommerce category

Yet the path from purchase intent conversion is a minefield of inefficiencies for both brands and consumers. Brands have to architect a maze of links between themselves, social platforms and third-party retailers. Consumers have to go through a multi-step process to simply buy what they see, like and therefore want to own. Video Squirrel cuts out the myriad middlemen and allows fashion and style content to be purchased in-video.

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Video Squirrel makes it easier

Imagine being able to touch a virtual catwalk and own what you see. Video Squirrel makes that future of digital fashion a reality.

Video Squirrel’s shoppable videos will...

  • Not interrupt the flow of your tasteful content. Video Squirrel doesn’t use buttons or Shop Now banners
  • Provide 4x sales lift through shoppable video than your standard online store
  • Offer a direct, one click path to purchase, converting your content into points of sale
  • Give you valuable data to improve prospecting and shopper campaigns

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